About Gun Bombers

Gun Bombers is a top-down 2D arena shooter influenced by Mine Bombers. Play with up to 10 players (LAN / Online) and fight for survival in randomly generated and fully destructible maps.

In the game you dig for treasures, fight your opponents and purchase better weapons and bombs in between rounds.

Who’s making it?

My name is Antti Vaihia, I’m a web designer and an indie game hobbyist. Feel free to contact me via my site.


2 thoughts on “About Gun Bombers

  1. Ei helekatti. Kolme viikkoa sitten asensin DosBoxin ja pelailtiin vanhojen kaverien kanssa Minebomberissa niinku back in the days. Tänään kun logasin stiimin olin mindblown. Elä helekutti lopeta tän kehittämistä.

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